Raise in less time and at better terms

Over $150 million in equity raised

Rajiv Singh 2 ADJ


Buttonwood’s leading-edge technology empowered Agrivida to leverage both Buttonwood’s network and our own list of contacts in a more efficient way than would have been possible on our own.
CEO at Agrivida


Buttonwood’s investor network is impressive and we heard from some of the most prominent venture investors that the Buttonwood Profile Page was among the best set of data and materials they had seen in any funding process, regardless of the stage of the company.
CEO at Parsable
Adnan Iqbal ADJ


Buttonwood makes fundraising way more efficient. Super responsive team and the process the platform creates is powerful. It was a great experience. We’re looking forward https://bstdating.de/ to collaborating on the next one!
CEO at Luma Health

Get funded & get back to business

Efficient raises. Productized
You get inbounds from investors, but you think your fundraise will still take a lot of time and mindshare. Not any more.
Meet true partners
Buttonwood’s Institutional Marketplace can intro you to 2,000+ investors including VCs and family offices.
Outreach, organized
Buttonwood collects real-time data and pipeline analytics. This helps you ping the right investors at the right time.

Our proven step-by-step method

Create materials

Buttonwood helps companies craft their narrative. We can even create sleek spreadsheets and powerful pitch decks.

Build your profile

Each company’s Profile Page is clearly structured. Profile Pages are easy to assemble and make due diligence simple.

Identify investors

Companies can upload their list of investors and meet new ones via Buttonwood’s Institutional Marketplace.

Build momentum

Once the Profile Page is ready and the outreach list is set, companies can begin inviting investors to their process.

Manage the process

Buttonwood enables teams to control access, track engagement and send timely follow-ups based on activity.

Close the round

Management negotiates valuation and terms. When terms are set, others can co-invest before the target closing date.



Scaling a rapidly growing business is a more-than-full-time job. It is a 24/7 365-days-a-year calling.

Raising capital takes time and is mentally taxing. That energy is better spent on building your business.


You have a deck and you have access to a gigantic data room but you still don’t know the answers to some basic questions. Not with Buttonwood.

Want to see additional deal flow? Buttonwood spends time understanding exactly what you want to see and how your process works so you are invited to only the most relevant opportunities.


Powering real world
connections through

Business is increasingly becoming virtual. Remote work and video conferences are replacing in-person meetings and new ways are being developed to facilitate human interactions seamlessly with technology. Buttonwood allows you to manage your fundraise from anywhere while building authentic relationships with investors.


Have more questions? Contact Us

Buttonwood is a software platform that makes fundraising more efficient for growth stage businesses raising over $10M in equity. Fundraising takes time and effort. With Buttonwood, the entire process from start to finish is made more efficient. We have two products: (1) Process Management Software that helps management teams run a tight fundraising process and (2) Institutional Marketplace to connect companies with new investors.

Our mission is to directly connect entrepreneurs and investors, principal to principal, in the most efficient ways possible.

Our Process Management Software makes it easier to (a) display investor materials (b) reach out to investors (c) schedule meetings (d) measure and track progress and (e) appropriately follow up with investors. Our dedicated team can also help with material creation, due diligence requests or really anything (and everything!) else needed between today and closing.

Our Institutional Marketplace product is a rolodex of over 2,000 institutional investors (VCs, family offices, hedge funds, corporate VCs, sovereign wealth funds, foundations, endowments, pensions, etc.) whom we know and who know us. If companies want to meet additional institutional investors, with a few clicks, our database is queried to find relevant investors that match a company’s stage, sector, business model as well as process dynamics such as whether an investor is a Lead or Co-Investor. Once investors are identified, Buttonwood pings these known investor relationships on a high-level, no-names basis describing the company. If an investor wants to learn more, then the company will be able to see who they are and can decide whether to invite them to their Buttonwood Profile Page. For institutional investors, Buttonwood’s Institutional Marketplace can provide access to relevant opportunities they may not have otherwise seen.

All Buttonwood processes are invite-only and introductions are on a double-opt-in basis. Buttonwood accommodates “no-fly lists” to ensure that information is not distributed to certain parties.

Anyone who wants to spend less time on fundraising and more time building their business.

Buttonwood companies have over $5M in recurring revenue and are growing sales at least 100% year-over-year (see our Criteria ). A typical Buttonwood company may receive unsolicited inbound inquiries from investors, have a rolodex of scores of institutional investors they know well, and think their next round could be oversubscribed. Buttonwood clients have been backed by leading VCs including Founders Fund, Kleiner Perkins, Lightspeed, Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and others.

Why then use Buttonwood? Even with these tailwinds, fundraising ALWAYS takes more time than it should. A management team’s time and mindshare can be better spent on growing their business.

Buttonwood is helpful for companies from the very beginning to the very end of their fundraising process. Our platform and dedicated investor relations team does everything from creating materials, controlling and sharing access to information, managing the process, tracking interest, scheduling meetings and (double-opt-in only) introductions to both Leads or Co-Investors from our network of VCs, elite family offices and institutions. Having a Lead investor is not required to use Buttonwood.

In general, it is prudent to begin engaging Buttonwood six to nine months before the new cash is required. This allows for two to three months to prepare and finalize the narrative and investor materials, two to four months months to run a process, one to two months for legal due diligence, document drafting and wires.

Let’s say you’re a company with $12M in ARR (or equivalently $1M in MRR), and that you’re growing 100% year-over-year. If Buttonwood can save you and your management team 1 month of time and mindshare to focus on your business, that’s an additional $1M in revenue. SaaS businesses often trade at 10x ARR multiples (or higher), meaning saving one month of your core management’s time is equal to $10M of value creation! Add to that more favorable terms, and the ROI from using Buttonwood can be exceptionally high.

With Buttonwood, companies can close their rounds in less time and at better terms by effectively reaching out to a larger number of relevant investors in a high-quality way. This increases the demand for the round, all else equal, which can help management teams drive better terms in a shorter time frame.

Our investor community and network is core to Buttonwood. We help our investor relationships in three key ways:

#1: Buttonwood Profile Pages provide easy-to-navigate access to due diligence materials in a structured way. This allows investors to answer basic “no go” questions in a few minutes, rather than digging through decks, data rooms and taking many preliminary introductory calls.

#2: Once institutional investors begin a deep due diligence process, Buttonwood Investor Relations team works around the clock to respond to any additional data requests, which can be custom prepared for the prospective investor with a view to facilitate and streamline their own investment process.

#3: Buttonwood’s Institutional Marketplace can provide institutional investors access to relevant opportunities they may not have otherwise seen. Our database keeps track of the types of the opportunities an investor is likely to find interesting in terms of size, stage, revenue, sector, lead vs. co-investment preferences. These can be traditional venture capital firms or institutions who are traditional LPs (such as family offices, foundations, endowments and pensions). With Buttonwood, investors get direct deal access to exciting and relevant opportunities for free.

If you’re an investor and would like to learn more about joining our Institutional Marketplace, send our investor relations team an email at ir@buttonwood-x.com or Contact Us

Buttonwood is free for investors. We charge companies using Buttonwood a SaaS fee which gives access to the Process Management Software platform. There are also incremental fees for additional (optional) services related to new materials creation, such as investor presentations, financial models or exhibits. Finally, if a company wants to use Buttonwood’s Institutional Marketplace to meet additional institutional investors, they pay a small success fee.

All securities-related business is conducted through our wholly-owned subsidiary BW Network Securities, LLC, member of FINRA and SIPC.

Buttonwood does not remove the human element. Backing a company without having a meaningful relationship with and trust in the management team is unappealing for most investors. Rather, we automate repetitive and annoying tasks so that investors and management teams can more easily build substantial relationships.Through the software, it is much easier to connect and interact with management teams whether it be through more efficient communication via the platform, bespoke emails, video conference calls, fireside chats, streamlined roadshows or efficient & hassle-free scheduling of meetings, follow-ups. It is far easier to establish greater interaction when it can be done in a hassle-free, time-conscious manner as there will be significantly less friction to overcome.

We believe tools like Zoom and Slack are just the beginning, and there will be continued penetration of improved communication technologies into the venture ecosystem as there has been in most human capital intensive industries.