What Is Buttonwood?


Buttonwood is a software platform to help elite, late-stage startups efficiently raise capital themselves.

Our tools are designed to enable entrepreneurs to run their own financing processes that take less time & get better terms.


How It Works

Step 1

Startups with proven businesses looking to raise Series B & C rounds ($10M to $30M) apply to use Buttonwood’s software.



Step 2

Upon being selected, Buttonwood creates an online profile page so the startup can describe its business to its investors.

The startup’s online profile page addresses key questions upfront. This makes due diligence easier for everyone.

Step 3

Management, their existing investors and board members collectively decide which existing stakeholders will serve as the deal's "Sponsors."

Sponsors support management throughout the process.



Step 4

Management and Sponsors determine which potential investors to invite to review the startup’s online profile page.

Using Buttonwood software, management and Sponsors can send exclusive email invitations to prospective investors.

Step 5

Prospective investors can begin initial due diligence using the startup’s profile page. Investors can also connect directly with management from the startup’s profile page.

Buttonwood’s software tools allow the startup to run a competitive Price Discovery Process itself and set the valuation of the round.

This is how many IPOs are priced.



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Who Is Buttonwood

It is our mission to serve entrepreneurs and investors by making fundraising simple-and-easy using our software.

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